This morning I was checking news on RetroShare and found their notice — “Retroshare moves to GitHub” Now, more and more projects are hosted on GitHub than on SourceForge. Old projects are moving from SourceForge to GitHub and new projects start their works on GitHub. SourceForge launched in 1999 and GitHub launched in 2008. I have been a long-time user of SourceForge since 2000 and resisted getting on GitHub with no need of creating an account there for quite long. Soon (next month) my SourceForge account turns 15! Ha… I feel old. But it’s not only because GitHub is the newer one. SourceForge’s project-hijacking and malware-bundling event [1, 2, 3] gave developers a good reason to avoid SourceForge. Hmm… How about Google’s Cloud[…]

The announcement email says: The Editorial Board and I are very pleased to announce the new title of Journal of Information Security and Applications (JISA) will replace Information Security Technical Report (ISTR). The name change for the journal is very timely and a real milestone, as it reflects the overall vision and strategies of the Board to develop the journal into a top international research publication, covering the latest quality research, technological and scientific advances in the fields of information security and their applications for a wide audience of researchers and engineers. The journal homepage: ISSN: 2214-2126

사이트를 탐색하기가 훨씬 쉬워졌다. RSS를 제공하는 것도 기쁘다. 방문한 김에 자료들을 몇 다운로드하였는데, 그 중 재미있는 것들을 적어보자면: Image Composite Editor(ICE)는 panorama 그림을 생성하는 툴. 64비트용이 따로 개발되어 있다. Songsmith는, 전에도 재미있다고 사용예를 보이는 동영상과 함께 게시한 적이 있는데, 사람이 컴퓨터에 노래를 불러 입력하면 그에 알맞은 음악을 자동으로 생성해 주는 것이다. Infer.NET은 기계학습 프레임워크.