The 22nd book in the series of The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots published by Ewha Womans University Press. ISBN: 978-89-7300-779-0 “Korean science history has mostly focused on the achievements of scientists, frequently interpreted from historical or political viewpoints, rather than the basic scientific value of their research. This book reviews the general stream of astronomical studies in Korea through historical objects, observation records and life stories of individual scientists, as well as the theory of universe, the mythological universe and relevant popular beliefs and customs.” Korean edition: 한국의 전통과학 : 천문학 – 우리 문화의 뿌리를 찾아서 22 ISBN : 978-89-7300-760-8 “한국 과학사는 그간 인물이나 유물 위주로 연구되고 일반에게 소개되어 왔다. 특히 과거에 수행되었던 과학 활동의 과학적 본질과[…]